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Merkel Homes for Sale

98312142 small.jpgAt the center of Texas lies the town of Merkel, a quaint community with an affordable cost of living and superb amenities. Located just west of Abilene along I-20, Merkel, Texas is home to some of Taylor County's finest folks. Initially built up as a railroad town after the Texas and Pacific Railway put down a line through the area, many Merkel homes are now owned by families who work in Abilene but want the wide-open spreads and quiet lifestyle that only Merkel properties can offer. As the bigger city to the east has grown, so too has this charming small town. For years, buyers have been taking advantage of its low cost of living to purchase Merkel homes for sale on the cheap and watch their investments grow.  Like many other small towns in the Abilene area, Merkel enjoys a rich history influenced both by early railroads and the ranching industry, which moved millions of head of cattle through the area on their way to the stockyards of Kansas and beyond. The town derives its name from its first permanent resident, S.M. Merkel, a German immigrant to came to West Texas in search of prosperity.

Merkel offers just about everything that homebuyers could possibly want, including reasonably-priced homes, great shops and restaurants and a convenient location. The town offers plenty of Texas charm and a rich history as well. Owning a home in this area offers the chance to live in a friendly community close to Abilene, Fort Worth and many other cities nearby. Many talk about the schools in this area along with family living, praising the community for its respected school district and exceptional livability. For an in-depth positive view of this community and what it feels like to live here in Merkel TX, prospective homebuyers should stop by and take a good look for themselves. Merkel offers a robust real estate market with plenty of great home choices. Homes in the town are very affordable and boast low interest rates and rising property values as well. Real estate options in this quaint town include single-family homes, one and two-bedroom homes perfect for families with children, townhouses, affordable starter homes and much more. Overall the town offers a mix of location, affordability and value that is hard to find anywhere else in the region. Today, owners of Merkel real estate enjoy a different kind of prosperity: the value of their investments has increased even as real estate prices in other areas have declined.


Merkel Real Estate


Merkel CommunityMerkel real estate owners are covered by the Merkel Independent School District, a small, results-oriented district that also serves Tye, Texas and parts of rural Jones county as well. Merkel High School is recognized as one of Taylor County's best secondary educational institutions, and the Badgers inspire pride for the entire community, not just athletes' parents. Students who wish to continue their education after high school without leaving their comfortable Merkel homes can enroll in classes at Texas State Technical College in Abilene, the state's premier two-year technical institution, or at one of the city's fine private universities like McMurry University or Abilene Christian University.  Today, owners of Merkel properties derive their living from several sources. Agriculture still plays an important role in the region's economy, with cotton and winter wheat two of Taylor County's most important crops. Ranching activities have slowed down in recent years even as the price of beef has increased as many of the biggest ranches moved west and south, but the city has barely felt the hit thanks to an ever-rising number of homegrown businesses that take advantage of its road and rail connections to Abilene, Fort Worth, Lubbock, and points beyond.

The Merkel Chamber of Commerce is active in the community as both a booster of existing businesses and a draw for new ones. Folks scouring the area for Merkel homes for sale often remark on the city's vibrant downtown, which boasts several banks and doctors' offices as well as multiple national restaurant franchises. Outside of downtown, key parcels of Merkel real estate are occupied by an award-winning golf course and two beautiful parks. In fact, some of the most desirable Merkel properties abut these green spaces, showcasing the town's continued economic success for residents and visitors alike.

In addition to its affordable home choices and ideal location, Merkel offers excellent amenities and a high quality of life overall. The town is proudly served by the Merkel Independent School District, one of the top public school districts in the region, as well as easy access to major highways nearby and Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. It also boasts a strong local economy with abundant employment prospects in sectors like technology, healthcare, education and media. Additionally, it offers a modest cost of living, sunny skies year round and a bevy of great restaurants and retail outlets. Local attractions include the Abilene Zoo as well as the renowned parks, museums and entertainment venues of nearby cities like Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington.

Owning a home in this area is a great investment due to its high livability and affordable real estate prices. Merkel’s blend of great amenities, superb location and charming homes makes it one of the top towns in the region for prospective homebuyers. To see for yourself what all the talk about the schools in this area along with family living is about, stop by to take an in-depth positive view of this community and what it feels like to live here in Merkel TX.




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