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Clyde Homes for Sale

Clyde CommunityNewcomers to the heart of Texas may be taken aback by the warmth and generosity of the good people of Clyde, Texas, a close-knit community located just east of Abilene along I-20. In recent years, Clyde homes have seen their resale value steadily increase as residents of the larger city to its west seek the wide spreads and neighborly lifestyle that many Clyde properties have to offer. With development ongoing in the area, there are currently dozens of Clyde homes for sale at incredibly low prices. If the fact that the town's population has increased by 12 percent since 2000 is any indication, these great deals on Clyde homes won't last forever.

Clyde can trace its history back to the middle of the 19th century, when the surrounding area first attracted the attention of prospective ranchers from further east. The Texas and Pacific Railway played an important role in its development, purchasing many Clyde properties either for its own commercial purposes or to construct housing for its workers. In fact, legend has it that the town itself is named after one of the company's early managers in the area.

Clyde Homes for SaleToday, small but growing communities like this one form the bedrock of the Abilene metropolitan area. Many new arrivals to the town come seeking the great rental deals offered by emerging Clyde property management companies. Folks fed up with living in large, faceless apartment complexes will find a human touch in every Clyde rental, be it a humble older home or sparkling modern apartment unit. The area's low housing costs should be equally comforting to prospective buyers and renters alike: on average, Clyde homes for sale fetch less than half of what similarly-sized homes in other parts of Texas would. Relatively few housing dollars go a long way around here!

Clyde and its environs are served by the excellent Clyde Consolidated Independent School District, the top district in Callahan County. The local high school features excellent college preparatory and vocational education for local residents, attracting many kids from the rural area surrounding the town. With one of the most picturesque buildings and grounds of any similarly-sized Texas institution, the skills of Clyde property management workers are on full display at Clyde High School.

New owners of Clyde homes need not worry that their move to a small town might deprive them of any cultural opportunities. Being so close to Abilene, Clyde residents enjoy full access to one-of-a-kind institutions like the Abilene Philharmonic Orchestra, Paramount Theater and the Grace Museum. Popular culture attractions like the Abilene Zoo bring in thousands of families each year from the entire heart of Texas, enriching the local economy and boosting the value of Clyde properties by association.

Clyde Real Estate

Clyde CommunityThanks to the recent boom in Clyde real estate, local banks have been enjoying growth as well, providing in-town employment opportunities for new arrivals and lifelong residents. In fact, the best Clyde property management companies use these local institutions to finance their activities, inspiring confidence in the community!




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