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Abilene and its population of almost 116,000 is sitting pretty in west central Texas, the center of a 22 county area commonly known as the Big Country. It serves as the county seat for Taylor County and is conveniently located about 180 miles due west of the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Abilene Homes for Sale

Abilene TX CommunityLocated in the heart of Texas, Abilene is the commercial and cultural hub of the broad region known as the "Midwest of Texas." Despite unfavorable national price trends, the Abilene real estate market remains red-hot thanks to a booming local economy and plenty of outside buyer interest in the local second-home scene. Many of the best opportunities for single buyers, young families and retirees alike can be found in a booming secondary market of Abilene foreclosures that has gathered steam in recent years.

Abilene TX HomeThere is an abundance of good existing homes and new construction homes in Abilene, TX. Some of the hottest Abilene properties can be found to the south and west of town, near Dyess Air Force Base and Abilene Regional Airport. These two major employers have supported the Abilene real estate market even as the fortunes of the oil and natural gas industries--two sectors susceptible to boom-and-bust cycles--have fluctuated over the years. Of course, plenty of Abilene homes sit atop lucrative mineral deposits that can be accessed by energy development companies and provide significant royalty income for landowners. If a landowner retains the mineral rights, then they have access to the minerals below the surface.  Rich Abilene properties have still been helping residents get royalty checks in recent years.  Retirees can fund  their leisure activities with the proceeds!

Abilene's economy has historically been tied not only to the area's mineral wealth but to the rich ranchlands that surround the city. As an early railroad hub, Abilene served as a processing center for cattle headed north and east to the stockyards of Kansas City and Chicago. As a result, the town grew up along its railroad lines, and many of the oldest Abilene homes showcasing dramatic Victorian and Beaux-Arts architectural styles remain visible in these neighborhoods today.

The United States military has played an important role in Abilene's development as well. Camp Barkeley, a World War II era army base that housed tens of thousands of troops at its peak in the early 1940s, supported the city's growth during the mid-20th century but just as quickly thrust it into a period of shock and decline when it was suddenly closed after the war. The rash of Abilene foreclosures that hit the market during this time presented an opportunity for savvy local businessmen, however, and the city has prospered ever since.

The Wylie Independent School District, or Wylie ISD, is a quality system that allows students to learn in an ideal environment. The Wylie District Mission is: To provide an education of excellence for all of our students so they may function effectively, successfully and productively in society." Residents here have the opportunity for access for their kids to make use of  the school programs and after school sports 

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Abilene TX CommunityThe area's hottest new developments are clustered either in the southwestern section of the city or in the downtown redevelopment zone that has produced thousands of new Abilene condos in the past two decades. The transition has been remarkable: since Abilene's downtown reinvestment zone was formally created in 1982, the city's commercial center has become a fully functional nightlife district complete with a redesigned Paramount Theater and other cultural amenities.

Thanks to a robust slate of new developments, savvy buyers can find incredible deals on Abilene Homes and condos if they know where to look. Abilene real estate deals won't last forever, though, so start searching today!


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